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Pleasure Forever

by Pleasure Forever

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Levrikon The band formerly known as SLAVES puts out their first full-length, in which they jettison what was left over of their punk/alternative sound and put out a sumptuous goth rock album. The primary instrument on Pleasure Forever is a rich piano, over which the band weaves gorgeous decadent gothic tales. Extremely underappreciated, fans of mid-period Damned will love this one. Favorite track: Any Port in a Storm.
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Goodnight 04:22
goodnight goodnight anesthetized goodnight goodnight goodnight goodnight goodnight goodnight goodnight goodnight goodnight goodnight goodnight goodnight goodnight goodnight goodnight well i passed the acid bath with a flying trash can crash 'cause when you're learning burn out fast might as well do it with smashing panache so gooodnight goodnight life inside the anesthetized goodnight goodnight goodnight goodnight goodnight goodnight goodnight goodnight i take dead aim in a dead end town your lips seem to move but i can't hear a sound i take dead aim in a dead end town your lips seem to part but i can't hear a sound hey little butterfly would you slip me some on the side to keep me warm for the time passed by passed by passed by passed by passed by passed by passed by passed bye. she do be love love love she do be he she do be love love love she do be he.
sugar spun and whisky sick wood grain warmth you know the blood runs thick matches lit down the mobius strip like a sulphur perfume that smacks like bricks epileptic fits summertime hits dedications to any port in a storm sailing with sunken masts choking dead with a leather strap whip the passion into a sour mash poisons passions absolute collapse like a steadfast shotgun blast while the passion that made this mask shatters as the smile cracks any port in an avalon alive alone starboard captain with no way home you're alone all the things i've lost in search of gold winter for warmth feasts on the cold flameless hearth a lucid hold all the things i've lost in search of an anchor that shines some may say it's a sign may it lay frozen in time like a body that drowns in wine.
angel exterminate carving with a hunting blade vanish clear without a trace dissolve black into opaque now you see eternity valleys of the damned this tomb's my prison escape's been hatched witchy's gone kicking through tinsel town taste of sacrifice your will is not mine i ask of you nothing your love will suffice dionysus dance apollo in a trance starlight sycophants playing games of chance and i rise to meet another dawn rise from the bottomless pit rise crawling out of skin rise rise rise rise rise rise rise rise rise rise rise rise rise rise rise rise rise rise rise rise now you see your enemy now you see infinity i am your reflection and the glass cracked you took a piece of me and i take it back.
trapping the covet crown you can keep it cause i'm splitting town as clear as the golden coast shimmering razor cuts to cope shadows on your bedroom wall where every lover took the fall how long can this last lest we jest in the coronation of a treasure chest that's caving in as the cameras flashed yesterday's wave hits today from somewhere beyond forbidden graves mistakes you keep locked away stay precious.
kingdom never comes just raised some kind of cain and when i tried to sing a long i just rusted in the rain faced the hall of mirrors got reflection pools to drain all the while the image smiles and slowly goes insane it's been ground into the ground you and i were meant to drown pulls us upside down and we'll never hear another sound everyone is clean when your living inside a perfect dream strength feigns meek i can't for the life in me fathom retreat no matter how much misery dance on the deceased and gain immortality wanna wander into forever as never ever beckons me to come so i sit here trying to act clever with ties i should have severed when the day is done smiling serpentine rail thin waxen sheen breathing in impurity clipped feathers and prayer beads and a new sword for an ancient sheath to break through the cold concrete and even though these hands will bleed I say amen amen amen amen amen amen amen amen amen.
wishes and kisses traipse into traps set by the specters from brand new pasts and you're own your own tomorrow called but you don't pick up the phone cover is blown all you can hear is the static tone weakened flesh and hollow bone nothing left but a sullen pose against the flame you stood too close curtain call for a whispering ghost fixes and misses and spoiled the stash open invitations closed casket caste and you’re on your own with a heart of coal woke up to sunshine dull migraine and veins pumping ice tension wrenches tight everyone knows i'm having a good time ricochet got it made a legacy parade how come you're always caught in the fray burning ball of flame i make a wish for you to tame all the pangs that threat to maim.
came from canyons deep born with gilded wings trapped on earth to haunt the periphery lungs filled with gasoline prayed to puppet strings lay awake where no one hears you scream dazed in an empty well why do you ask me when you can tell but the way things are going ain't looking like it's slowing down fast look in my eyes son and tell me what we've become it doesn't mean that i don't love you just moving on.
Bullets 04:56
ran out of bullets kept on shooting dinner with daggers gather around children yellow eloquence mine eyes deceive no hunger like the kind you can't feed funeral parade proceed down the strip cease the ceremony quick sticky constrictions broken outfits thins in too thick and too many horses none of which can kick this is the land of the lost.
Magus Opus 08:42
your eyes give you away hear ye sirs there are no cures just stares and clever disguises a fair weathered game and my what a shame there seem to be no surprises your eyes give you away all the souls that i stole to escape an early grave like a million candles to illuminate the roads unpaved to skim the surface of night you enchant the night.
Opalescence 03:37
eyes sting saltine fancy free guillotine serenity sinking make it cease at the sea.


Debut album, released 2001.


released May 21, 2001

Andrew Rothbard - vocals, piano, keyboards, bass guitar
Joshua Hughes - guitars
David Clifford - drums, percussion, additional guitar ("Stay Precious")

All songs by Pleasure Forever, 2000 - 2001. Lyrics by Andrew Rothbard.
Engineered by Tim Green at Louder Studios in San Francisco.
Mixed by Tim Green and Pleasure Forever at Louder Studios.
Mastered by John Golden.


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Pleasure Forever San Francisco, California

In the late 90s, after the break up of legendary synth-punk band The VSS, 3 members regrouped in San Francisco as Pleasure Forever.

In 2001 the trio joined Sub Pop Records and released 2 albums before disbanding.

On 5/5/23, on the 20th anniversary of the release of Alter—catalog number Sub Pop #666 —the band announced their return with Distal, a 7-song collection of all new songs.
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